Junior & Preschool Classrooms

Ages: 2 ½-years to 5-years
Teacher-to-Child Ratio: 1:10

Preschool classroom

In this classroom we build on the self-help social and motor skills learned in the Infant/Toddler Room, plus we add more difficult tasks like working zippers & scissors, and tying shoes. To get ready for group activities children work on sharing, taking turns, and using words to communicate.

Curriculum focuses on developing the skills and attitudes that children need to succeed in a variety of social situations. These include self-control, respect for others, curiosity, exploration, problem-solving and early literacy. Children also begin to prepare for kindergarten by learning numbers, colors and the alphabet.

Children are encouraged to express themselves through language, creative play and the arts. When they are not in the classroom children spend a lot of time outside, where they are free to run around and explore.

Children transition out of our preschool program when they are ready to attend kindergarten.