Infant & Toddler Classrooms

Ages: 6-weeks to 2 ½-years
Teacher-to-Child Ratio: 1:4

Toddler on the playground with teacher

Teachers in this room are primarily concerned with meeting the toddlers' daily needs and helping them develop motor skills, language, and a sense of emotional security.

Teachers describe moment-by-moment activities to help build babies' growing vocabulary. Songs and reading aloud also lay the foundation for talking and a love of books. Our teachers ask toddlers to “use their words” to get across their needs and desires—with teachers and with other children.

Working on motor skills is another important activity that takes place in the Infant/Toddler room. Infants have room to lie, sit, roll over and crawl. Toddlers have plenty of opportunities to climb, run, slide, stretch, jump, and use riding toys outdoors and indoors. Art projects and playing in the sensory tables with water, sand and rice encourage children to practice using smaller finger and arm muscles.

As children get older they learn to wash hands, feed themselves, drink from open cups and much more as they begin to learn self-care and self-control—all with support from teachers. Potty-training is also a very important activity in this classroom.

Once children are 2 ½ and have mastered potty-training they transition to the Junior/Preschool classroom.